Former teen enterprenuer sells homegrown landscaping business

HAMPDEN – Most teenagers who find odd jobs to make money don’t run a crew of employees and serve hundreds of clients, but that’s exactly what Kate DeMarey of DeMarey Landscaping achieved. Now she is ready to leave this company behind and embark on a new career.

At the age of 11, DeMarey began putting flyers offering help around the yard in the neighbors’ mailboxes.

“I really wanted this professional camera and my parents said, ‘It’s very expensive. Why don’t you show responsibility ‘”DeMarey said with a laugh. When she was 14, she had registered her business with the town of Hampden, where she lived.

DeMarey continued to grow her business on weekends and during school holidays with the help of her family. Her parents were “super supportive,” she said, and drove her to construction sites. Her brother even worked for her for a while. She also said that the people in the cities she served contributed to her success.

“Tons of students from Minnechaug [Regional High School] still working for me. I would be nowhere without the support of the community, ”she said. DeMarey Landscaping now has eight employees and 700 accounts.

When DeMarey was majoring in marketing college, she decided to run the business remotely. The arrangement worked throughout her academic career. After completing her Masters of Business Administration, DeMarey worked for the Wall Street Journal before moving to her “dream job” at Deloitte, a financial services company with offices around the world.

Now that she lives in New York and is in her career, she told Reminder Publishing, “I just had to give up the passion project.”

Three weeks ago, DeMarey sold the company to Ryan O’Keefe of O’Keefe Landscaping, a Wilbraham-based company. “I am confident that he owns and takes over DeMarey Landscaping,” DeMarey assured her customers in a farewell post on her company’s Facebook page.

DeMarey said she learned many lessons from her time as a landscaping business owner on how to deal with the unexpected, manage her time, and create a brand. The first lesson DeMarey said, however, was “How to be a resilient business woman. Having a crew that was sometimes twice my age, “especially in a male-dominated profession, prepared her for her current career.

Sharing her wish for her ex-clients on social media, she said, “Your weeds will wither and your sunflowers will stand tall.”

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