Fort Calhoun splash pad receives landscaping

By Cheyenne Alexis –

Trees and grasses were considered the final step on the Adams Street Plaza Splash Pad.

Landscaping projects began last week and will complete the final stages of the Splash Pad, which will open on Friday after students are released from school.

Deb Sutherland, Fort Calhoun community coordinator, said landscaping is the finishing touch that Adams Street Plaza needs.

“Basically, it started out as barren ground that the two maintenance buildings were on,” she said. “There weren’t any trees or grass – it was pretty ugly.”

The green also lines the path along Adams Street Plaza.

Sutherland said the greenery not only adds beauty to the space, it also adds shade to the splash pad when kids start enjoying it this summer.

Sutherland said it was important to include aesthetically pleasing, yet easy-care trees, grasses and plants. The Enhancement Committee will be responsible for maintaining the green.

There are also 92 stones on the Splash Pad that were purchased from several groups and individuals in the community.

The Friends of Fort Calhoun Splash Pad Committee launched a fundraiser for those who wanted to support the Splash Pad without spending a lot of money, Sutherland said.

The stones were priced at $ 250 each, and those who bought them remembered late family names, company names, and even names.

Every class from elementary school to high school also bought a brick to display.

“We gave everyone the opportunity to donate in one way or another,” said Sutherland. “It just showed a lot of community support.”

The grand opening of the Splash Pad will take place on Friday afternoon. There will be music, food and a ribbon cutting event.

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