Four Seasons Landscaping, Made Famous by Giuliani, Now a Concert Venue

Prior to the last presidential cycle, Four Seasons Total Landscaping in northeast Philadelphia was a business only for bush lovers and great gardeners. Then President Trump’s attorney and campaign rep, Rudy Giuliani, held a strange press conference on possible election fraud, caught the nation’s attention, and raised the question of whether the campaign should actually hold a serious press conference outside a lawn salon next to a sex toy empire , as opposed to a five star hotel.

Now, after eight months of jokes and merchandising about Four Seasons Total Landscaping (including a Super Bowl advertisement), the location has stepped into the pop-up concert booking business. On Thursday, the company announced a solo appearance by singer-songwriter (and sometimes Against Me! Front person) Laura Jane Grace on August 21. The singer-songwriter colleague Brendan Kelly from the Lawrence Arms will open open Dave Kiss for Grace in a show booked by the Philly promoter.

Michael Siravo – Operations Manager at Four Seasons Total Landscaping – says about the one-off booking: “When everything came up for the first time in November, we were in a pandemic and couldn’t do anything funny, even though we had thought about doing events. We always wanted to do something fun like a concert, but we couldn’t. Dave Kiss approached us shortly after what happened in November and we just said yes. How often do you get such an opportunity? It’s a great experience. “

As for maintaining a sense of humor after Trump’s mistake or intention? Controversy – with a mass of tourists and talk show jokes as part of the result – says Siravo, “Laughter is the best medicine and we joke about it all the time.”

Kiss, an independent booking agent based out of Philadelphia, said he met with the management of Four Seasons Total Landscaping and created a strong base of trust between them.

“That’s silly and unconventional,” says Kiss. “But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense. And the reach of the people who support and appreciate the event was overwhelming. “

As for booking additional concerts at Four Seasons Total Landscaping beyond the Grace pop-up, Siravo and Kiss agree that they are open to additional live music events.

Prior to the official announcement, Grace hinted at the show on Wednesday night with her own tweet: “On Thursday, I’m going to announce the craziest show I’ll ever attend. I will literally never play a venue with more class and prestige. I wish I could tell you more now, but I’m also totally happy to tease it out like that. “

The official announcement came on Twitter from the Philadelphia landscape architects with a tweet that read, “We’ll be rating the joint with @LauraJaneGrace and @badsandwich on August 21st!” Four Seasons Total Landscaping followed with another tweet saying it : “The auditions for the opening slot were interesting …” above a simulated photo of Rudy Giuliani bent over a microphone.

Auditioning for the opening slot got interesting … @LauraJaneGrace @badsandwich @davekisstweets

– Four Seasons Total Landscaping (@ therealfstl1992) July 8, 2021

Grace said in a statement, “This will be the first and last time Brendan and I play in front of a landscaping business and we promise it will be better than this MAGA shit show.”

Tickets for the event are available here, and a souvenir T-shirt is sold here.

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