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As a homeowner, you probably already know the importance of curb appeal (maybe the appeal of your home is the reason the property caught your attention?). Not only does it affect the amount of money your property can make in the property market, but it also plays an important role in how you feel in your home every time you drive into the driveway – as well as the impression that your neighbors get when they walk past.

One of the best ways to increase the attractiveness of your home is to increase the quality of your front yard landscape. Sometimes the challenge here is figuring out where to start.

Whether you want to create a front yard that looks clean and simple, an extravagant and complex garden, or one in the middle, these 10 landscape ideas are sure to get the inspiration you have been looking for to help you out asap started your landscaping project.

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1. Use ornamental grasses for easy-care beautification

Ornamental grasses give your front yard a very natural and airy feeling. The variety of grasses that you should choose will depend on the environmental factors of your life, and you will need to pick the right ones if you want them to thrive. Otherwise, they’re fairly drought tolerant, easy to care for, and unlikely to be infested by insects, so they’re great choices for those who want a little fluff without a fuss.

2. Choose plants that provide color all year round

Nothing is more cheerful than a colorful front yard landscape, but many flowers and trees only bloom in the spring and summer months. Fortunately, you can avoid a dreary landscape for the rest of the time by planting at least some brightly colored varieties throughout the year. Some of the many options are verbena, magnolia, hydrangea, and begonia.

3. Charm the olfactory senses with fragrant plants

When it comes to designing your front yard, looks aren’t everything. Consider lining your front walkway with aromatic flowers and plants. Lavender, jasmine, or rosemary are great options that will captivate your friends, neighbors, and even the delivery driver with their inviting scents.

4. Plant a garden in raised beds in the front yard

Who says a garden has to be in the backyard? Well-processed raised beds can blend in very well with your front yard landscape, especially if this sunny spot next to your driveway is the perfect spot for your tomatoes, snack peas and strawberries.

5. Integrate containers into your landscape design

Containers are often a minor matter, but they don’t have to be. You may be thinking of placing potted plants and flowers on your front patio or front door, but you can use them in other areas as well. Consider placing containers in your lower beds or along sidewalks to create unique and beautiful borders.

6. Illuminate your front yard with strategically placed lighting

Whether it’s a string of lights on your patio, path lights along your stone walkway, or recessed ground lights on the front of the yard, lighting can add a lot of pizzazz to your landscaping. The landscape lighting in the front yard is also functional – you no longer have to fumble for the flashlight app on your phone when you get home after dark.

7. Allow wisteria, roses or clematis to climb your fence, trellis or pergola

Ivy is often considered a climbing plant, but it’s not your only option. It doesn’t matter if you want to cover something unsightly (z) ivy. You will especially love the color these climbing flowers provide during their flowering period.

8. Add stucco to your retaining wall

Adding stucco to an existing or new retaining wall is primarily aesthetically pleasing (this is due to the sleek, clean lines and the fact that it comes in shades that complement your landscape). But it also makes your wall more durable because stucco is water and mold resistant.

9. Skip the lush green lawn

Green lawns are beautiful, but their maintenance often costs a lot of time, money and water. While we don’t suggest letting your lawn dry out, if you don’t think about spending your weekends mowing, consider using a stone-based ground cover like gravel or crushed stone instead of grass.

Rocks make a lovely backdrop for other landscaping elements (like plants, trees, and lighting) and are also environmentally friendly as they don’t require water.

10. Plant to keep the deer away

A doe wandering your front yard might be a lovely sight – the first time. At some point, however, their presence will not be so welcome. Why? Because deer like to nibble on plants and are not that picky.

Before you know it, the flowers, trees, shrubs, and vegetables that you have so carefully grown will be destroyed. Fend off the herd by planting deer-resistant plants like heather, daffodil, peonies, yarrow, foxglove, and juniper (to name a few).

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