Gas shortage impacts Huntsville landscaping business

Some local businesses are in distress as gas stations experience a supply shortage due to the attack on the Colonial Pipeline.

Elite Landscaping told WAAY 31 how they are dealing with the shortage.

“They are going to go to some gas stations and they may not have any, they may not have 93 octanes, they may only have 87,” Elite Landscaping owner Robert Haralson said time consuming. “

Elite Landscaping is working on approximately 90 homes in South Huntsville and the Historic District.

Haralson said the gas shortage was stressful for several reasons.

“We have a lot of customers counting on us to get their yards done, and then lots of customers. They worry about quotes and other things if they don’t get their yards cut in time. They worry about getting their yards down.” Quotes, so just fear. “

He said they need about 50 gallons of gasoline to replenish all of their gear, and they do it every other day. The lack of gas makes it much harder for them to do their job.

“If we don’t have gas, we can’t work. That’s just the bottom line, “said Haralson.

Haralson told WAAY 31 he was looking forward to being able to refuel all of his gear at one gas station instead of going to several.

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