Global Artificial Turf Market – Detailed analysis of current Industry figures with forecasts growth by 2028

The synthetic turf, which is certainly worldwide, was respected at $ 2,530 million in 2016 and is valued at $ 5,842 million by 2023, a CAGR of 12.7 percent from 2017 to 2023.
Artificial grass is an artificial area that looks like lawn. This is certainly biological. The yard on artificial turf is made of polymer materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyamides; the use of which depends on their own attributes, which are randomly different. For example, polyethylene garden material is durable and mild to the epidermis, while polypropylene turf fiber lasts longer and is severe to the epidermis that will be people. Artificial turfs have been shown to have an impact that is the least environmental environment because they are recyclable, require fewer liquids, and reduce the effective use of pesticides or herbicidal fertilizers. These lawns are considered recreational places due to their highest toughness, maintenance-free, good quality, energy at all temperatures, digital appeal and environmentally friendly properties. In addition, these lawns have solutions for gardening in the area of ​​relaxation. The benefits that artificial turf offer therefore increase the extent of solution buying. This could likely fuel the potential that profitable people can shop for for the foreseeable future.

The Global Artificial Turf Market report has been prepared by our research analysts after getting a thorough understanding of the market. Some of the main topics of the report are Artificial Grass Market Launch and Industry Information, Key Factors responsible for the Market Drivers and Market Inhibition, Segmentation Analysis, Key Market Players, Market Status Regarding COVID-19 and All Current and Upcoming Events, Artificial Grass Market Development News and All Information required for a new entrant and existing entrants.

Our top analysts have examined the market report based on the stocks and data provided by the key players: Victoria PLC (Avalon Grass), Sportfield Deutschland Holding GmbH (AstroTurf), CoCreation Grass Corporation, FieldTurf, Global Syn-Turf INC., Controlled Products LLC (GrassTex), ForestGrass, Synlawn Artificial Grass, The DOW Chemical Company, TigerTurf

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COVID-19 information:

The COVID-19 pandemic has played an active role in reducing market growth while sparing a few industries and markets. The COVID-19 information section provides an in-depth look at the current position of the market, the factors that influenced the market after the outbreak, and how the market will return to its original state with reasons to defend. All relevant news and information on the market in relation to COVID-19 are presented and explained together with the necessary graphics and tables to accurately represent the changes.

Manufacturers of artificial turf:

The manufacturer’s section of the report includes a careful presentation of each company (Victoria PLC (Avalon Grass), Sportfield Deutschland Holding GmbH (AstroTurf), CoCreation Grass Corporation, FieldTurf, Global Syn-Turf INC., Controlled Products LLC (GrassTex), ForestGrass, Synlawn Artificial Grass, The DOW Chemical Company, TigerTurf), which occupies a prominent position in the market. Some of the detailed information contained in the report includes company information, product and service offerings, industries in which the company operates, annual revenue of the company, and accurate and up-to-date development information regarding the artificial turf market. Based on each individual market participant, a graphical representation of the information is summarized taking into account various factors such as business offerings, global presence of the company, market share and other relevant information.

Segmentation of the artificial turf market:

This segment section covers all of the market segmentation based on various factors such as product type, application, and end users. All information on the various market segments and the sub-segments is explained and presented in the form of graphics and tables so that the segments are easy to understand.

According to material

After application
Contact sports
Leisure & L.

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Regional information:

The regional part of the research report provides a clear explanation of the individual regions and their respective countries that are relevant to the artificial turf market. Below each region is an overview of the market presence in the region as well as other factors such as the impact of COVID-19 in the region and the impact on the artificial turf market. The market values ​​of each region are presented in tabular form based on the market segmentation for a particular region. Different regions included in the Artificial Turf Report include regions such as North America (US and Canada), Europe (UK, Germany and France), Asia Pacific (China, India and Japan), Latin America (Mexico and Brazil) and the Middle East and Africa.

Beneficiaries of the artificial turf report:

  • Contributors and suppliers of the artificial turf market
  • Distributors of the artificial grass market
  • Various government agencies
  • Consumer and artificial grass industry

Reasons to Get the Artificial Turf Report:

  • Important factors such as drivers and limitations of the artificial turf market are explained.
  • Compound annual growth rate of the artificial turf market.
  • The market value of the artificial turf market results from a detailed estimate of the entire market from 2018 to 2028.
  • Segmentation of the entire artificial turf market.
  • Effects of COVID-19 and its impact on the market.
  • Key market players and detailed information.

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Research methodology of artificial turf:

The analysis of the research methodology reveals all the information about how the report was extracted and formulated. This section explains the three steps performed such as desk research, primary research and panel of experts. It explains how, based on each step, which factors are taken into account and how they are analyzed with various tools and analyzes. In short, the first step of desk research involves how to extract the market information from various sources such as industry reports, company reports, magazines, websites, and other such informative websites. The second step of primary research is how the desk research is confirmed by various sources, such as research interviews with the artificial turf market industry and other relevant staff. The third stage shows how the final decision of the research is made by analyzing the first and second stage of research, analyzed by our in-house experts. Hence, in this section you will find the entire compilation of information and basis of the Artificial Turf market report.

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