Gordon Borough plan repairs of Rattling Run retaining walls

June 15 – GORDON – Two retaining walls for Rattling Run Creek, built nearly five decades ago, need to be reinforced to keep them from collapsing.

The issue was discussed by Operations Manager George Troutman at the Gordon Borough Council meeting last week.

Built after Hurricane Agnes hit the area in 1972 and flooded many areas, including Gordon, the walls are located behind the Simpson United Methodist Church on East Biddle Street.

To keep the creek walls from moving outward, Troutman said, steel I-beams would be used.

“We have already had some beams made and taken measurements on different sections of the wall,” Troutman told the local council. “The section of the wall closest to the bridge has moved about an inch and a half since last year, and in the past two years it has moved about 6 inches overall.”

Troutman said the total cost of the joists already purchased and additional joists to support the wall, which include two joists per section, will be about $ 2,500.

“I cut and welded the beams and we need someone with a backhoe to help put them in there,” Troutman said. “We want to do that sooner or later because we don’t want the wall to come in. That wouldn’t be good for the district.”

The local council approved the acquisition costs of seven steel I-beams.

“We asked Entech’s Natalie O’Connor to look at this and make this recommendation,” said Houser. “It’s not like we’re doing it alone.”

O’Connor, project manager at Entech Engineering Inc., the district’s consulting engineer, said the issue was discussed with Troutman a few months ago when they visited the site.

“They seem to be moving a little, so let’s reinforce these walls,” said O’Connor. “The beams will hold them in place and prevent them from moving any further. The walls form a kind of channel in this area. All of this work was done after Hurricane Agnes in the 1970s. This concrete lasted for almost 50 years, that’s great. “

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O’Connor said the creek flows under Biddle Street through a long culvert, then comes out in front of Gordon Community Park and flows into Little Mahanoy Creek, which flows into Mahanoy Creek.

“We told the county to start marking every year to measure deflection,” said O’Connor. “When we were up there and saw the condition, we said we should stiffen the walls with steel I-beams to extend their life.”

O’Connor said the job will be done by Troutman.

“They will order the materials and he (Troutman) will weld some brackets on each wall and just lower the joists with a backhoe,” she said. “They don’t really screw anything together. It’s almost like literally sticking a stick between two walls to poke them against each other.”

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