‘Great Location’ In Tempe Could Get Better Sidewalks, Landscaping

City of Tempe

The Smith Innovation Hub is approximately 300 acres and is primarily used for light industry and office.

Tempe is collecting public contributions to improve an important employment corridor.

For decades, industrial companies have enjoyed easy access to the Smith Innovation Hub, an area of ​​800 km² bordered by the Rio Salado Parkway, Loop 101, University Drive and McClintock.

Jill Buschbacher, Tempe Economic Development Project Manager, said that some of the older buildings are not well suited for modern industrial uses: newly developed. “

Since Tempe is a landlocked country, the area will grow.

“You know, maybe a building that is going away now is a one-story building or now a two-story building, since it is being sold and renovated, it could be a four- or five-story project in the future,” said Buschbacher.

Tempe is developing an infrastructure plan for the hub that could potentially include lighting, sidewalk improvements, bike paths, and landscaping. A survey of business owners identified the biggest challenges: lack of sidewalks, lack of amenities, traffic and crime.

A personal public meeting will be held to review the draft plan on Friday, July 30th at 9:00 am at the Hilton Garden Inn, 86 S. Rockford Drive. 16.

Map shows limits of the hub

City of Tempe

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