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MERCER ISLAND, Wash., May 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – GroundWorx® is pleased to announce its entry into the commercial landscaping market and to introduce the GroundWorx Commercial Services page on its GX-1 platform® ( and in its mobile app (groundworx). From lawn sports fields to city parks, universities to resorts, GroundWorx offers a full subscription service with no upfront costs or a budget program with lower monthly service subscription fees.

“The introduction of GroundWorx Commercial is exciting for what it has to offer professionals in the sector.”

In February, GroundWorx launched the GX-1 platform® in the North America, a machine learning / AI platform for lawn management that powers proprietary next-generation soil sensors and micro-weather stations. In April the company started in Oceania with a focus on New Zealand and Australia, and in Asia, Deployment in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, and Indonesia.

“We are excited to begin commercial landscaping our business and to work with national and regional dealers, landscaping companies, municipalities and key regional partners,” said the company’s CEO, Brad David. “Our long-lasting battery, advanced wireless antennas, patent-pending pinpoint GPS technology, and depth adjustability make our GX-1A sensors perfect for anything lawn-related,” he added.

CTO of the company, Diego Borrego, commented, “The GX-1 platform is very robust for both golf courses and commercial properties with redundant wireless carriers, making our GX-1A devices autonomous, with the flexibility to be deployed anywhere and integrated with any irrigation controller . “

GroundWorx master agent David Wilson said, “GroundWorx Commercial’s launch is exciting for what it has to offer professionals in the sector. Critical ground data is delivered right to your phone and computer in real time from anywhere of your choice. It provides reassurance about actual conditions and time and travel savings and optimize irrigation usage. Managers can also set their custom notifications and act on the notifications by providing team members through the app through seamless assignment of tasks. “

For commercial real estate, companies can only use a handful of sensors or scale them to thousands of locations, all of which are mapped within the technology with an accuracy of +/- 10 cm. Properties like universities and resorts can add a micro weather station that brings critical weather data into their facility. GroundWorx is also developing a handheld spot check device where the entire platform leverages machine learning and AI technologies and provides predictive analytics for lawn managers to make informed decisions that will result in water conservation and staff efficiency.

About GroundWorx® – GroundWorx is a wireless innovation and water conservation company with a complete turf management platform (GX-1 platform)®), which helps turf managers proactively manage their lawns, conserve resources, be a good environmentalist and develop beautiful golf courses, sports fields and commercial properties. (

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