Guest commentary: La Jolla MAD focuses on pressure-washing and landscaping

The La Jolla Maintenance Assessment District is nearing the end of its fiscal year and has many developments to report.

Enhance La Jolla’s board of directors unanimously voted to exercise its option to extend the contracts with existing vendors Urban Corps and Nissho of California for an additional year. This ensures continuous waste avoidance, landscaping and high-pressure cleaning of the sidewalks.

In addition, these contracts benefit from the personal continuity of these two providers – people who are familiar with the neighborhood and are aware of their needs.


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In May, La Jolla MAD worked to better address high pressure pavement cleaning activities and met with Urban Corps leadership for a tour of the district. Problem areas have been identified and the supplier is now sending a daily report on the specific areas that were dealt with in the previous night shift.

Particular attention is paid to high-traffic locations along Girard Avenue, Prospect Street, and Wall Street. Because al fresco dining occurs in many of these areas, the amount of food and drink spilled has increased.

Another focus is the many animal stains on sidewalks, building borders and plant boxes. This is an important issue. La Jolla MAD hopes that there will be a noticeable difference in the coming weeks.

Regarding landscaping, a meeting was held between representatives from the Village of La Jolla Garden Club, La Jolla MAD, and Nissho of California, the current landscaping provider.

The 21 jacaranda trees, generously donated by the gardening club, are watered every Tuesday and Friday, and some new leaves and branches are even showing. However, it will likely take a year or so for the signature purple flowers to appear on these young seedlings.

The condition of the Floribunda rose plants was also discussed in the landscaping news. Many of these potted plants are not doing well, mainly because The Village’s unique microclimate is very conducive to white fungus and aphid infestations.

In the future, these plants will be replaced with heartier succulents.

The refreshment of the tree fountains on Girard Avenue south of Pearl Street to Prospect Street is also in progress. We are on schedule to have all of the tree fountains on Girard Avenue completed by the end of June. The first tree fountains to be completed will be the ones in front of Harry’s Coffee Shop to take away after their recent bad luck.

If you see an issue that needs your attention, please contact Enhance La Jolla at (858) 444-5892 or email

Mary Montgomery is the district manager for the La Jolla Maintenance Assessment District. ◆

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