Hackensack PD: Pedestrian, 76, Struck, Killed By Pickup, Landscaping Trailer

A 76-year-old Hackensack pedestrian was beaten and killed Thursday evening.

Carol Ventura, a North Bergen native who lived on Prospect Avenue, was on the zebra crossing when she was hit by a 2021 Dodge Ram pickup truck heading south from Summit Avenue to the south just after 8:30 p.m. Passaic Street turned east. Foley said.

“After she was hit, she was then run over by a trailer of a landscaping truck heading west,” Foley said.

Ventura was pronounced dead a short time later at Hackensack University Medical Center.

The 42-year-old pickup driver from Rochelle Park told police he “had the go-ahead for his turn and didn’t see” [Ventura] until his vehicle hits them, “said Foley.

The 51-year-old Paramus driver of the 2012 Ford F550 landscaping truck said he “drove straight through the intersection, even with the green light,” the captain said.

“He reported not seeing [Ventura]who had already been hit and was lying on the street, “she said.” The rear of his trailer then struck [her]. “

Carol Ventura was met at the intersection of Passaic Street and Summit Avenue in Hackensack.

Cecilia Levine

The police are continuing an investigation, the captain said.

“It should be noted that a pedestrian on a zebra crossing at a traffic light only has right of way if the signal in the same direction as the pedestrian is green,” she noted. “Or if there is a signal with a pedestrian crossing (which does not have this intersection), the white hand / foot signal must be illuminated.

“Based on the initial investigation and Patino’s testimony, it appears that [Ventura] had the right of way, “added Foley.” Both drivers stayed on site and worked together on our first investigation. “

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