Hamden neighborhood upset of a landscaping companies noise and pollution

Her concern is the paradise landscape and the removal of trees.

HAMDEN, Conn. – Residents on Nutmeg Hill Road in Hamden are upset with a landscaping company they say is causing quality of life issues.

Her concern is the paradise landscape and the removal of trees. Residents just beyond the tree line that connects their neighborhood to the store say they hear trucks and smell the burning diesel fuel at any time of the day or week.

“It boils down to the quality of life for us,” said Bob Percopo, a Nutmeg Hill resident.

The quality of life of residents on Nutmeg Hill Road is affected by noise and pollution.

“We actually have to retreat to our houses and the smell of diesel fuel comes into our house. We all have to close the windows,” said Helene Lion.

Residents say that not only does the company operate outside of their permitted zones Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but the permit was also not officially approved by Hamden. The Paradise Landscaping building was also not built on the property.

The city of Hamden has issued an injunction.

“If they don’t have a certificate of occupancy, they are operating uncontrollably, which has raised a number of concerns,” said Brad McDowell of the Hamden Legislative Council.

Another problem was illegal dumping. Some debris on the property has been dumped beyond the property line. The owner of Paradise Landscaping tells FOX61 that it has asked the Planning and Zoning Agency to allow it to remove the rubble, but those requests have been denied.

The owner also says he wants to do whatever he can to work with the city to improve the code and also with the residents to get things right.

“I would hope we can come to an agreement where Paradise Landscaping can do their jobs responsibly, make a living, be a thriving local business, but also be really great neighbors,” said McDowell.

A pre-trial date for the injunction was set for June 2nd.


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