Harrogate Borough Council defends artificial grass in town centre after residents hit out on social media

The artificial grass was laid over tree roots in raised flower beds in the popular shopping street, replacing the previous plants that were also in the flower beds. The same process is taking place on Oxford Street today.

But residents have reacted with anger, voicing concerns about the plastic, wondering if it’s environmentally friendly and if its bright green appearance matches the tone of the city center.

Lizzie Brewster announced the latest addition to the city’s streets with a post on Twitter.

She was supported in the comments by several people who all shared their concerns about the flower beds.

Emily Ogden tweeted, “Oh Lord, this is not environmentally friendly! Poor trees under plastic,” endorsed by Andy Dennis who wrote, “Plastic is not the way to go and normalizing this very abnormal product is wrong. This needs to be removed.”

The artificial turf in raised flower beds on Cambridge Street.The artificial turf in raised flower beds on Cambridge Street.

The Stray Defense Association added: “Genuine grass or plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen Wrong lawn is a reservoir not only for fungi and bacteria, but also for contaminated organics He kills healthy soil bacteria, worms and root systems including.. off it. Water is not absorbed and drains off. “

The appearance of the light green artificial turf has also been criticized many times.

C Foster tweeted, “Looks absolutely terrible. So sticky,” and the Little Ale House added, “It’s visually depressing too!”

Many residents have criticized the Harrogate Borough Council for the decision, hoping the changes will be temporary.

The artificial turf in raised flower beds on Cambridge Street.

But the council has defended the process, saying it is looking at ways to brighten up the city center.

A Harrogate Borough Council spokeswoman said: “The trees mean that all the plants in the beds are fighting for light and moisture. That’s why we’re looking for ways to keep the beds clean and tidy without plants.

“When summer bedding plants become available, we’ll be placing additional planters and hanging baskets in the city center to add a splash of color.

“We have had a lot of positive feedback on the changes we have made.”

The Harrogate Business Improvement District (BID) has recently launched a number of initiatives to improve the appearance of the city center. However, he made it clear that artificial turf is not a project that they have been working on.

The BID chairman of Harrogate, Sarah, Duchess of York, said: “We have spent a considerable amount of money to install Absperrkörbe to place planters outside the town center shops, and to ensure that hanging baskets are issued before many shops – everything To develop Harrogate’s reputation as a florist in the city, and to make the city center as attractive as possible.

“We want to make it clear that the artificial grass that is planted around trees in the city center has nothing to do with Harrogate BID.”

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