Helix Water District: Remove Grass And Get Cash With Sustainable Landscaping

July 2, 2021

Helix customers can get $ 3 to $ 4 per square foot by replacing thirsty turf with sustainable landscaping. Sustainable landscapes are characterized by water-saving plants and efficient irrigation systems, use rainwater as a resource and protect the soil with mulch.

Grass requires 25-30 gallons of water per square foot per year, while sustainable landscaping requires half as much water, or even a third that amount. Here’s what you need to know in order to upgrade your landscape, lower your water bill, and reserve your rebate money:

The discount

Customers can get a discount of $ 3 to $ 4 per square foot when they convert 250 to 10,000 square feet of grass into sustainable landscaping with low water consumption plants.

Get pre-approval

Before removing weed, customers must apply for the discount. You will receive a confirmation email once you have been pre-approved. From there you have 180 days (6 months) to complete your new landscape.

Design requirements

Plant cover

To make your landscape beautiful and functional, you need at least three plants per 100 square meters. Imagine three plants in a 10 ‘x 10’ room.

Use rainwater

When you design your new landscape, design it to slow down and hold rainwater. Rain gardens, dry stream beds, berms, overgrown hollows, rock gardens, slopes and rain barrels are different ways of collecting rainwater. Keeping rainwater on your property will reduce the amount of water that flows through the streets that carry pollutants into the local waterways. Visit the SoCal WaterSmart website to see which design works best for you.

Use efficient watering

When you are removing your lawn, it is also a good time to upgrade your irrigation system and water it more efficiently. Improvements are easy, like retrofitting your old spray heads with new high-performance nozzles or drip irrigation.

Use mulch

Mulch protects the soil from sunlight, keeps it cool and reduces the water requirements of your plants. Just cover the bare soil with 3-4 inches of mulch and your new plants will thrive. Mulch is very cheap and we even have a discount for it. Further information can be found at hwd.fyi/mulch.

About hardscapes

Paved areas and sidewalks are allowed but do not count towards your total discount. Artificial turf and grass-like grass are also not eligible for discounts.

Would you like to know more? Take a FREE landscaping course on Zoom

BeWaterWise.com and WaterSmartSD.org offer FREE courses on Zoom.com. Register for one of the programs. You can ask questions and learn how to turn your lawn into a functional, sustainable and enjoyable landscape.

Sign up for a course at the bewaterwise.com or watersmartsd.org

This press release was produced by Helix Water District. The views expressed are the author’s own views.

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