Help your commercial landscaping clients avoid these 3 common mistakes

Whether it’s a retail center, hotel or office complex, your commercial customers want good service for their investment in professional landscaping. However, one key to being satisfied with the results is avoiding some common mistakes that could spoil the finished look.

At Yellowstone Landscape we only serve the commercial market. And we’ve found that customers don’t always know which landscaping is best for them. You are looking for these instructions with us. Property managers are often very busy handling all aspects of commercial property maintenance.

They want to be able to rely on their landscaping partner to guide them to the best decisions and avoid mistakes.

Here are three common mistakes commercial properties make when not properly managed by their landscaping company.

1. Not investing enough in the entrance area

The entrance to a commercial property deserves a lot of attention. But when commercial property managers overlook this area, they are missing out on an important opportunity to get the most out of their professional landscaping investment. Because the first impression is absolutely crucial with commercial real estate.

It can be helpful for your customers if you have suggestions for upgrading the entrance area. They don’t have to be complex. Adding more color is probably one of the best ways to add that wow factor. An annual rotation with bright and beautiful flowers is always a win.

While flowers add a pop of color and make a dramatic first impression, they’re not your customers’ only choice. You may also suggest using stones, such as large boulders or even decomposed granite, to fill in the space at the main entrance and around the signage. We have found that samples of different sizes and colors can add a wow factor to decomposed granite without our customers needing it.

Landscape lighting can be a more costly but powerful upgrade that should also be considered if your customer is experiencing a lack of lighting. This can help ensure that the entrance sign and the surrounding landscape can be seen at any hour.

2. Facing trash and debris

For commercial properties that have a lot of pedestrian traffic (e.g. to and from a parking lot), trash and debris are a likely problem. Unfortunately, trash dumped from vehicle windows or dropped into plant beds can really detract from the overall landscaping appeal.

For this reason, we encourage our customers to invest in a porter service.

Many of our customers handle this service internally through their depot department. But often the caretakers focus on the inside of the buildings and the parking lots, plant beds and walkways can be overlooked.

So it can be useful to encourage your customers to pass this service on to you. Waste removal and disposal is an added value that you can bring to your customers and it helps keep them more satisfied with the results of their landscaping. That’s because even the best landscape looks subpar when it’s littered with trash.

3. Overhanging branches cannot be shortened

After all, overhanging branches in commercial real estate can be a thorn in the side, but also pose a risk. It is important to make customers aware of this, even if it is not intended in your area of ​​responsibility. If these branches fall, they could injure people or cause property damage. Overhanging branches can also block signage, landscape lighting, or even security cameras. Your customers will see the value in raising your awareness about these concerns that may not be on their radar.

In general, as a landscape professional, you can put a lot of value on the table by letting your client know about areas that could be improved or made safer with upgrades or landscaping changes. If you position this to help your customers, they will see you as a valuable resource.

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