Henry County War Memorial landscaping discussed | News

Henry County officials plan to upgrade the area around the Henry County War Memorial, although some bushes with special ties will be preserved.

The commissioners met with Ron Foor, owner of Northwest Landscape, and Larry Adams of the Napoleon American Legion at the War Memorial Tuesday morning to discuss proposals.

Foor told the commissioners he would like to keep the two bushes near the main memorial stones that contain the names of the Henry County soldiers who were killed in action.

“Lloyd Franz (a former Henry County resident) invented it and has a patent on it. They’re pretty rare, ”said Foor.

He added that the bushes are called Gwenyew and are named after Franz’s daughter.

Foor said he could trim them down and give them about 10 more years of life before they had to be taken out. If they were removed now, the bushes would be killed and they could not be transplanted elsewhere.

Foor added that some of the tiles laid in the concrete near the bushes at the memorial would likely be laid.

Other improvements discussed for the area included work on some of the landscape islands around the monument and the pruning of at least one tree.

Foor said some of the work could be completed before Memorial Day weekend, while others would need to be done after. He will make an estimate and determine which projects can be carried out before the vacation.

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