Hill Landscaping LLC and Hill Garden Market knows plants

“End of last year until this spring; There’s a sense of community, ”said Hill. “People are showing up who would not have been here before.”

Hill Landscaping, 1545 E. Front St., Logan, was founded in 2012 and is a landscaping company. In 2018, it expanded into a houseplant shop. The team consisted of Hill and manager Connor Martin.

The gardening market sells indoor plants such as foliage, cacti, succulents, and air plants, and offers outdoor plants such as native annuals, native perennials, native mothers, Christmas trees, and garden seeds. The store also sells plant care products, mulch, topsoil, landscaping tools, river rocks, and grass seeds.

“Hill Landscaping & Garden Market is a landscaping company and garden center that serves the Hocking Hills and the surrounding region,” says the Hill Landscaping & Garden Market homepage. “Our mission is to work closely with our clients and customers to design, install and maintain landscapes of the highest quality to get away from it all. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the highest quality locally sourced materials to complete their home projects both indoors and outdoors. “

The store has come a long way in a short time.

“This is our fourth year,” said Martin. “It started without all of that indoor stuff, just mulch, bags and bulk, and we had a few plants outside. But we’ve finally grown into something we’re pretty confident about. We tried to put more pressure on this year to attract more people. “

The team attended garden center conventions and noticed how popular plants became.

“Last year we found a supplier from Florida, but we paid $ 400 or $ 500 to ship it each time, so we didn’t move a lot of factories,” said Martin. “But then over the winter we found someone who is pretty local to us and it’s really easy to bring him here. We have a nice rotation now. “

Financially, the pandemic hurt the company, but the pandemic also helped fuel people’s passion for plants.

“I don’t know that COVID has necessarily helped us as a company in general, but I think it has helped us in the sense that a lot of people are now into (plants),” Hill said.

Maggie Moreda, a junior nursing student, thinks the store is a great addition to the community.

“The shop is so cute with so many fun plants!” Moreda said in a message. “I wanted one of all! They were friendly and knowledgeable in answering questions about plant care. They even had a fun selection of pots and local goods. Cant wait to go with more friends!

The landscaping company and market do more than just plants. It sells passion flowers from Passion Works, cutting boards from KR Custom Designs, clothing and accessories from Ohio is Home, and Thanks You’re Welcome greeting cards.



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