Hillsboro Garden Club announces 2021 landscaping awards

The Hillsboro Garden Club, in partnership with the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs, announced the selection of the 2021 Landscaping Award.

• In the “Community” category: Bill and Lynn Musser for the flower boxes at 138 South High Street and the “Pocket Gardens” along the first blocks of East and West Main Streets. Also Jenny Hart, Jennifer Howland and Buck Wilkin for the planters and hanging baskets in Uptown Hillsboro.

• In the Residence category – Pat Lawrence and Larry Cadle at 404 North High Street, Robert & Patty Griffith at 407 North East Street, and Katie and Melissa Hilderbran at 234 West Pleasant Street.

• In the Commercial Category – Wendy’s Restaurant on North High Street.

These recognized promoters of beauty receive a certificate thanking them for promoting the community.

Of particular interest is the garden on North High Street. Pat Lawrence and Larry Cadle moved to their 1875 home in Hillsboro in 2006. Pat says, “The yard had a privet hedge, some boxwood, a piece of Royal Standard hosta, and fifty million wild onions.”

She transplanted dozens of her favorite hostas from her West Virginia garden. Now the property is filled with over 100 different varieties of hosta, along with an abundance of other native plants and flowers, including pink, white, and coral peonies; Daylilies; Bee balm; Roses; Lung infection; Solomon’s seal; Iris; and a towering hydrangea in the spotlight in the back yard.

Large container arrangements replaced the old ash and fir trees that were removed last fall, and potted geraniums brighten the porch.

The Hillsboro Garden Club’s next meeting is on August 24th at the Floral Hall at the Highland County Fairgrounds in Hillsboro. The meeting starts at 7 p.m.

The evening program includes cleaning and preparing the hall for the district festival. All gardeners are invited. Bring rags!

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