Homeowners advised to check insurance covers garden after trend in lockdown landscaping

According to new research, since the lockdowns began, homeowners have spent more money than ever on their gardens, and a third of people have spent the money creating their own idyllic outdoor space.

But many are uninsured that their new landscaped gardens are uninsured, stealing new furniture, sheds, grills, toys, fitness equipment, and plants and losing our investments.

This is despite a quarter (25%) of people saying they have had a history of garden theft, with home improvement tools, bicycles, furniture, grills and scooters being the most common stolen goods.

MoneySuperMarket found that around 32% of those who bought patio furniture in the past year had not yet insured those purchases.

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What does your garden look like? Ready to visit friends and family?

Only around one in ten (11%) of those surveyed have tried to insure their recently purchased outdoor items.

That number is now likely to increase as more than half (56%) of people expect to spend more on their gardens in the summer.

The comparison website calculated the average garden to contain £ 1,262 worth of goods.

“Summer is the time of year when we spend more and more time in our gardens,” says Kate Devine, Home Insurance Expert at MoneySuperMarket, adding, “Once you’ve spent money on your gardening, it’s important that you keep your valuables safe safe on.

“Bicycles, barbecues, tools, and furniture – there are a number of items that are often kept in the garden can be of great value. Thieves know this and are therefore increasingly targeting sheds and garden warehouses.

It is therefore very important that you have the right protection. “

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What do I do if I have items to be insured?

So if you have spent a little extra cash on your yard or outdoor area and want to make sure the items are properly insured, what should you do?

“You should first check your existing home and home insurance policies to see if the goods stored in your yard are covered,” advises Devine.

“While many standard building and household contents insurance policies usually include a certain amount of coverage for garden items, there is a risk that you will leave your goods uninsured if you do not read the fine print carefully.

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“You should also check your home insurance to see if you can get a cheaper premium from another provider.

“If you haven’t switched in a while, it probably will.

“Switching to a competitive policy only takes a few minutes and you could save up to 46% on your premiums.”

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