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The pandemic has changed the way we live, work and spend money. If you’ve recently bought interior paint for your home, a new flooring, or a remodel, you are not alone. Homeowners have shifted their expenses from entertainment and travel to home improvement projects, according to HomeAdvisors’ recent “Status of expenditure for private homes “ Survey.

Every year HomeAdvisor conducts a survey of US homeowners who have completed projects in the past 12 months. The survey found that homeowners spent an average of $ 13,138 on home improvement projects in 2020, compared to $ 9,081 in 2019. Rising costs of materials and labor help increase spending. Home buying is also a factor largely driven by millennials, the oldest of whom are currently approaching or close to the average age of first-time home buyers. according to the National Association of Home Builders.

In home maintenance projects like cleaning and landscaping, the biggest year-over-year increase was from $ 1,105 in 2019 to $ 3,192 in 2020. Factors include people using their homes more often, causing more wear and tear and spending more time At home to make problems more noticeable.

“We have seen a growing trend in outdoor living spaces,” said John Stephens, NHCLP of Stephens Landscaping Professionals and a member of the Lakes Region Builders & Remodelers Association. “Since the pandemic has dramatically changed the style of everyone, there is even greater demand for outdoor spaces. A well-designed outdoor space can feel like an extension of your home, and with so many beautiful backdrops around the lake region, it’s no wonder why Outside areas are becoming the ‘favorite room in the house’. “

“Most of the outdoor areas have a mix of function, relaxation and play areas,” said Stephens. The most popular features are fire pits, outdoor grilling areas with dining areas, sunbathing areas, hot tubs, and space for lawn games such as corn hole, frisbee, and spike ball. “A good balance between brickwork, green spaces, and plant textures can create the perfect place for family to relax and enjoy. The integration of landscape lighting brings many more hours of entertainment and enjoyment into the evening, “he said.

Home improvement and home emergency spending increased by $ 745 and $ 124, respectively, in 2019. Major home improvement projects included interior painting projects, bathroom remodeling and new flooring installations. HomeAdvisor survey respondents said interior painting projects would remain the main project through 2021 – a departure from previous years when room remodeling generally took the top spot. According to the report, “Painting has been one of the most popular projects in almost all age groups because it is relatively affordable and has a lot of visual value in terms of how a room looks.”

The report also looked at how homeowners are using their homes after COVID-19. Seven out of ten respondents said COVID-19 increased their needs for home cooking, 50 percent worked from home, and included 40 percent more housekeeping.

Your local builders association is the best resource to find a member, hire a local professional, or join the National Association of Builders. To learn more about the Lakes Region Builders & Remodelers Association, visit lakesregionbuilders.com.

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