How much does landscaping cost?

When looking for the average landscaping cost, there are a multitude of options depending on where you live and what type of landscaping project you want to undertake. A landscaping project could consist of new soil, a walkway, grading, planting, tree removal, or all of the above. You can expect a landscaping estimate to be anywhere from $ 3,000 to $ 15,000 or more when starting a brand new project based on numbers from Fixr and HomeGuide, both of which are helping consumers find home maintenance professionals.

a person in a garden: a landscaper installs an irrigation system around plants.

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A landscaper installs an irrigation system around plants.

How much does landscaping cost?

The average landscaping cost depends on where you live and what you include in your project. The two main drivers of your landscaping costs are the cost of materials and the labor involved in installing it.


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Area Average cost
front yard $ 3,000- $ 6,000
backyard $ 7,000 to $ 12,000
garden $ 7,500 to $ 20,000

Landscape prices range from $ 50 to $ 100 an hour for the work to install your project. If you plan to work with a landscape designer or architect, your labor cost can be $ 200 an hour. Landscaping prices per square foot can range from $ 4 to $ 12.

Landscaping maintenance costs

Regardless of what type of landscaping you install, ongoing maintenance is likely to be required. It is important to do regular maintenance; A little preventative maintenance can save you the expense of repairing a project later.

Here are some common landscaping maintenance costs:

Type of maintenance Approximate cost
Weed control $ 75- $ 150
General cleaning $ 0- $ 500
Trim tree $ 75- $ 300
Lawn fertilization $ 100 per treatment

Weed control

A “weed” is a layman’s term for any green that is not grass or is desirable in a specific part of your garden. You should regularly make sure that the right types of plants are growing where you want them to be. You can schedule treatments every few weeks or months.

General cleaning

Another important way to look after your lawn is to do general cleaning of the garden. If you clean and keep your garden in good shape regularly, you can do it yourself for free on the weekends. If your garden is in poor shape and has a lot of deferred maintenance, it can cost hundreds of dollars for a professional to clean it up.

Trim tree

If you have large trees in your property, you should prune them regularly. This will help keep your trees healthy and reduce the likelihood of branches causing problems in your garden. Pruning your trees can cost anywhere from $ 75 to $ 300, depending on their size and location. If while pruning your trees you discover that one or more of them have died, you may also have to pay to have the tree removed. This can include removing and / or grinding the tree stump.

Lawn fertilization

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Depending on where you live, what type of grass you have, and how new your grass is, you should fertilize your lawn regularly. Fertilizing your lawn will help the grass grow and keep other types of plants from growing where you wouldn’t want them. The lawn is usually fertilized two to three times a year.

Landscape project costs

With a project in mind, here’s the approximate cost of some common landscaping jobs:

Landscaping project Approximate cost
Sprinkler installation $ 5,000 to $ 7,000
Deck installation $ 5,000-20,000
Outdoor lighting installation $ 2,500 to $ 5,000
Tree removal $ 500- $ 1000

Sprinkler installation

Installing sprinklers in your lawn is one way to keep your grass green without having to worry about watering it. Installing sprinklers is common in drier climates where it does not rain regularly. A sprinkler system is usually installed underground with only the sprinkler heads above the ground.

Deck installation

The cost of installing a deck varies widely and mainly depends on how big a deck is to be built. The type of materials you use for your patio also play a role in the cost of installation. Wood and composites are the two main options for materials for your patio.

Outdoor lighting installation

Installing lighting is a great way to make your outdoors more livable and to make it easier to enjoy your space at night. The cost of installing outdoor lighting depends on how many and what type of lights you want to install and how far your outdoor lighting is from the nearest power cables.

Tree removal

There are many reasons for removing a tree. The tree could be dead or pose some other hazard, or you may need to remove it to install other landscaping. While you may be able to remove smaller trees yourself, you should definitely hire a professional to remove larger trees. You can also remove and / or sand the tree stump to give your outside space a cleaner look.

How much does it cost to hire a professional landscaper?

A professional landscaper can take on a variety of tasks for your project, such as: B. when generating ideas for your rooms or when purchasing materials. Depending on who you hire, a professional landscaping company can also do all of the landscaping installations.

Hiring a professional landscaper can be expensive – it can cost anywhere from $ 50 to $ 200 an hour, depending on the job being done. While there are upfront costs, hiring a professional landscaper can save you money too. That’s because they may know ways to save material or labor that you don’t know.

4 tips to cut the cost of landscaping

If you want to cut your landscaping costs, there are a few strategies you can use:

  1. Do some of the work yourself. Depending on your project and your skills, you may be able to do some of the work yourself. This can work better if you are laying mulch or paving stones rather than cutting down a tree or building a brick walkway.
  2. Think of a design. Working with a landscape designer, architect, or professional landscaper can be expensive. Instead of relying on them all to come up with plans, have a few basic ideas before you meet up with them. This can minimize the time spent on your project and keep your costs down.
  3. Keep trees if possible. Trees, especially larger, more mature ones, are expensive to purchase and install. Try to incorporate existing trees into your landscaping plan.
  4. Save or reuse existing landscaping. Likewise, any existing landscaping that you can reuse will help keep your costs down.

How do I pay for landscaping?

Depending on how big or expensive your project is, you have several options for paying for landscaping.

  • If your project is smaller, you may be able to pay for it within your regular monthly budget or save with a sinking fund over the course of a few months.
  • A home improvement loan is an unsecured personal loan that you use on home improvement projects such as landscaping.
  • A home equity line of credit (HELOC) allows you to tap into your home’s equity and use it to add value to the home. You can borrow money from a HELOC when you need it and you will only be charged interest on the money you use.
  • With a home equity loan, you are also tapping into your home’s equity, but receiving the full amount of the loan upfront. This means that you will earn interest on the entire amount, no matter how much of it you actually use.

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