How new homeowners can create successful landscaping

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – Take a hike in the mountains on the southern end of Reno and look west. You can’t miss the new building. Probably many of the homeowners are new to the area and have landscaping ideas to make the home perfect.

But be warned, what may have worked in California or even North Carolina may not be considered here.

“They want fruit and nut trees and the like that are just not suitable for our region,” says Dale Carlon, a consultant arborist from Reno. “Basically, our winters are too cold,” he says.

According to Carlon, drip systems are essential in northern Nevada especially during times of drought. You don’t waste water.

With that in mind, he says that trees that can withstand our winters and lack of humidity in summer are best for landscaping. Carlon takes us around Idlewild Park so homeowners can get an idea of ​​which trees do best in our area.

“This tree is London Plane, and many people know it as the sycamore maple,” he says, pointing to a tall, light green leaf tree with silver bark.

“This is Crimson King Maple,” he says as he touches the tree’s maroon leaves. Both trees do well in northern Nevada.

Since trees are living growing things, what fits into your landscape now may not work in the future. Carlon goes to an evergreen tree in the park that is about waist high.

“Now this little guy is a giant sequoia,” he says. “You would think that would be great in the nursery, evergreen. It would go well in my garden. And the irrigation requirements aren’t bad. But over time it becomes a giant sequoia, ”he says.

He is pointing to a 60 foot periwinkle just behind the little periwinkle. “This tree is as old as the park,” he says.

And do you remember the sycamore maple?

“The London plane can get that big,” he says of another tree near the pond in Idlewild.

The tree base is more than a meter wide, the canopy covers a large amount of grass, ducks and picnic tables.

“I have customers who buy houses specifically for the trees, this would be one such tree,” he says.

“It is great.”

To learn more about Carlon’s series of tree care and landscaping workshops:

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