How to Avoid the Landscaping Mistakes That Date Your Home

LIKE SPIKY Hairstyles and skinny jeans, your landscaping will inevitably go out of style. Even certain planting techniques are being abandoned by designers and landscape architects.

Gaze at rows of ornamental plants like pansies and impatiens nestling against hydrangeas. This Froufrou fantasy emerged as a status symbol in the 1950s, said New York designer Laurence Carr, but it’s far too resource-consuming today. “Functional gardens are the way of the future,” said Ms. Carr, who instead sees a hodgepodge of “edible plants, bushes and trees, including many native plants, pollinators and medicinal products” sprouting up.

We surveyed dozens of professionals about what else is considered passe landscaping these days and made their choices as to what to plant instead.

Dated: Interior designer Susan Davis Taylor’s clients in Los Angeles used to pave paradise and opted for a Concrete or flagstone pool deck “Leaves very little space for natural grass or garden areas.”

Up to date: Lawn that is brought to the edge of the pool creates a resort-like beauty. Lounges and chairs sit on minimal hardscaping and look like they’re on the grass, Ms. Taylor said. The platforms “protect the furniture from water damage and leave behind a lush green garden that extends to the edge of the pool”.

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