How to look after artificial grass – the 8 dos and don’ts

Summer is almost here and although the weather is not great we all spend more time in our gardens. Whether you have artificial grass in your yard or are thinking of introducing something, you need to know how to treat it. Chatted with the experts at Grass Direct to find out how to maintain artificial turf, including the eight dos and don’ts.

Artificial grass is easy to maintain, but you need to make sure that you take care of it.

Jessica Fox from Grass Direct said, “Artificial turf is simple and easy to clean. In fact, it is less time consuming and tedious than maintaining real weed.

“As long as you maintain your grass regularly and make sure you clean up after spills, pets, and weeds before installing your artificial grass, there won’t be any problems with its appearance, texture, or smell.

“We are also aware that some people choose to vacuum their artificial turf, but this is not recommended by manufacturers. Instead, we would recommend sweeping with a soft brush.”

Here are the eight pros and cons of maintaining your artificial turf.

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Check it

Every week you need to check your weed and pick up any loose dirt or debris

Jessica said, “Dirt like dead leaves or excess mud should be clearly visible.

“Use a rubber rake or brush it with a soft-headed brush so it doesn’t get tangled in the blades of grass or destroy your drainage system.”

Sand filling

Don’t forget to use a sand fill on your grass every now and then!

Jessica said, “If your blades look a little flat, just brush them back and fill them up with a layer of filler.”

Let it fit

Don’t try to do it yourself, make sure your weed has been installed correctly!

Jessica said, “Grass needs to be installed properly for the lawn to drain properly

“Blocked systems cause water to stagnate. Testing your drainage before and after installation will avoid the problem. “

weed killer

Don’t forget to apply weed killers to the ground before laying your grass.

Jessica said, “If you have weed issues, carefully pull out any surface weeds that you can see, then rinse them off with a pressure washer before applying any weed killing treatment.

“Remember to use a weak membrane during installation to keep the weeds at bay.”

Repair as you go

Don’t let seams, tears, or holes appear – fix them as soon as you spot them!

Jessica said, “To keep your artificial turf looking its best, you always need to remove any dirt that shouldn’t be there.

“This avoids avoidable damage and your weed looks brand new. Extension of the service life. “

Shovel snow away

Do not leave snow and ice on artificial turf as the salt left over from the ice and snow can form a layer over the grass.

This can cause the lawn to not drain properly. So remove it with a plastic snow shovel.

Jessica warned, “Don’t use a metal snow shovel or git as it can damage the grass.”

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