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Often times, consumers are faced with more questions than answers when purchasing landscaping products.

Whether it is the type of mulch needed for plants or whether mulch is even the right option, those who work closest to these products say that information is key to understanding landscaping.

“You have to replace mulch every year,” said Brandon Miller of Mann’s Landscaping. “People are afraid of termites, so they either have to use cypress mulch, cedar mulch, or stone.”

Miller said there are several reasons people are reluctant to use rock in their landscaping. Some don’t care about the look of rocks around their flowers, while others fear that it will attract more heat to their plants.

“I’ve never seen plants burn more because they’re in rock,” Miller said.

The summer months are also challenging for those who want their grass to look a certain way. In these cases, information is important.

“Anything high in phosphorus will help something grow, anything high in nitrogen will help keep things green,” said Drew Huff of Huff’s Lawn Care. “It takes a long time to learn , and sometimes hands-on study is the best way to learn that stuff. “

Huff said people often get frustrated with their garden and grass growth because not all yards are built equal.

“A lot of people here think they have grass in the warm season when they don’t. It’s cool season grass and that’s why the grass is growing so fast right now, ”Huff said. “Fescue, which makes up a large part of it, or bluegrass thrive in it. If you go further south you will get grass in the warm season. “

Huff said grass needs can vary over short distances. What it takes to make grass thick and green in Maryville can be very different from what it takes in St. Joseph.

The best time to plant grass seeds in Missouri is September. The seeds germinate faster because of the warm soil. Early spring is also a good time to plant as temperatures are good for germination and the spring rains provide plenty of water for the seeds.

Huff said people also need to keep in mind that growing weed can be a long process. At new shipyards, the process can take up to three years for owners to get the type of grass they want.

“It takes years to learn,” said Huff. “I’ve been doing this for years and still don’t know everything.”

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