Innovative Artificial Turf Makers Shaping Rapidly Growing Global Market

Statistics from China Customs stated that China exported a total of 242 million m² of artificial turf in 2020 $ 1.21 billion. Compared to natural grass, artificial grass is made of synthetic resin materials that are easy to install, have good abrasion resistance, and do not require water for maintenance.

In order to better adapt to changing global market trends, more and more Chinese companies have made considerable research and development efforts for innovations. NanjingArtificial turf manufacturer CC Grass has exported to more than 120 countries. During the 129th Canton Fair, the company will display 131 products, including the latest PRT product which won the Canton Fair CF Bronze Award.

“The Canton Fair is an important platform for our overseas expansion. Shortly before the 129th fair, we signed a contract for recreational grass with a Brazilian buyer that came to us during the Canton Fair 2020. The growth in sales in the international industry is mainly due made of recreational grass. “said Mr. Zhang, sales manager of CC Grass. In 2020 the company produced 53.71 million m² of lawn, an increase of 31.08% compared to the previous year and a significant growth of 20.05% from international sales.

“Currently, our research and development performance indicators have exceeded the FIFA Quality Pro standards customary in the industry. The PRT product has fast drainage capacity and high strength. As it contains no chemical substances and is 100 percent recyclable, it is extremely beneficial to safe handling and environmental protection. “Zhang added.

Bellinturf – a leading manufacturer of artificial turf for landscape and sports – will be presenting 129 products at the current Canton Fair. The Bellin-GRE (green, recyclable, environmentally friendly) product range, which has been awarded the CF Award, can be used for various scenarios. In contrast to the traditional black bottom design, Bellin-GRE uses a green colored bottom with a more aesthetically pleasing transparent rubber. All parts of the artificial turf, from the grass yarn to the base material and rubber, are 100% recyclable. Its unique technology also guarantees softer grass for easier installation.

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