Installation of new artificial turf at Bear Stadium should be done by August | News

Now the new home lawn for the bears is being built.

Workers at Sports Turf Company, Inc. of Whitesburg began removing the turf play area last week. Just in time for the start of the football season in autumn, a new artificial turf will be installed and installed by the beginning of August.

“We’re excited to have Sports Turf renovate our stadium this summer,” said Brandon Jernigan, assistant director of sport for Pierce County Schools. “In our opinion, the Sports Turf Company has provided our coaches and student athletes with the best solution in terms of a surface that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also safer, more durable and lasts longer than solutions we looked at before.”

The company was awarded the contract for the project in April for a total cost of $ 889,529.

Sports Turf is a government-approved low-cost provider, which means the school board did not have to seek bids for the project.

The lawn has padding that provides a firm playing surface, relieves tired legs and improves grip. The lawn is also said to reduce possible concussions.

The new turf will also have a cooling system that lowers the temperature on the playing surface, which increases the safety of the players, especially in the summer heat.

The turf system has high installation costs in advance, but eliminates the maintenance and repair costs associated with natural turf. The lawn also comes with a 10 year warranty.

The turf will have school colors in the end zones “Pierce” and “Bears” and Pierce County “P” in color in the middle.

The cost of the artificial turf is covered by a combination of the local option sales tax for educational purposes (ESPLOST) and cash reserves from the general fund of the school system.

The general fund monies were released through support the system received under the recently approved Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act / American Rescue Plan (ARP).

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