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Also, Thursday was Earth Day, another motivational factor for growing a garden.

The pandemic was very focused on what people can do to improve their health.

In addition to nutritious vegetables, fruits, and beautiful flowers, gardening offers a number of health benefits, including:

– exposure to vitamin D.

– Reduced risk of dementia.

– Mood-enhancing benefits.

– Pleasant aerobic exercise.

– Helps fight loneliness.

It’s also a way to lose some weight, save money, reduce stress, improve sleep, and have a good time with family.

“There are really many benefits to gardening,” said Exstrom.

While April started with temperatures above seasonal averages and there was enough sunshine and moisture to make everything green, the weather quickly returned to seasonal norms. This week it was on the cool side.

“The cold temperature really brought us back to reality,” said Exstrom. “Our average frost is usually late April anyway, and our average frost-free day isn’t usually until Mother’s Day.”

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