Irrigreen is shaking up the landscaping industry by reducing water footprints by 50%

The landscaping industry is shaking up insane by reducing the water footprint by 50%

TL; DR: Check out Irrigre, the digital sprinkler system that can cut your water bills in half. Starting June 12, this landscaping company will accept crowdsourcing investments of $ 150 or more.

Water is no longer as abundant as it used to be. And the increasingly epic droughts in the western United States are definitely not helping. So, so as not to bring bad news, that makes your current lawn irrigation system, which not only irrigates your lawn but everything else around it, kind of irresponsible.

Watering your lawn with a typical sprinkler system for just one hour uses approximately 1,020 gallons of water. Pouring three times a week is about 12,240 gallons per month. Now imagine how much of that water is being wasted thanks to systems that are overlapping and those that just don’t fit your lawn. If your sprinkler waters the sidewalk or driveway more than your actual grass, there is a problem. It’s time for a better way, and Irrigren hopes to be the lawn irrigation system of the future by cutting outdoor water use in half.

Like a green robot for your lawn maintenance, Irrigre is a digital sprinkler system that cuts outdoor water use and water bills by up to 50 percent by tailoring it to the shape of your landscaping. As homeowners seek a way to reduce their water footprint, Irrigre offers a solution that could disrupt the $ 6 billion landscaping industry with an economically sound way to make lawns look lush. With over 300 installations since its inception and six granted patents, the environmentally friendly and sustainable company aims to expand with the support of technology investors who think the same way.

How does the Irrigreen system work?

Instead of simply spraying water, the software-controlled digital heads of madmen actually “print” water. That means you get the same green lawn but only use half the water. The sprinkler head has built-in software that helps map the landscape and print the water in the shape of a lawn. And of course everything is controlled via an app on your phone. Think of it like an inkjet printer that only produces images on paper where the computer tells you to, with only water for your garden.

Like any good smart device, Irrigre also tracks live data like weather conditions so the lawn isn’t unnecessarily watered when it rains, and aims to keep your landscape green during hot periods.

Meet the makers

With extensive engineering and business experience, CEO Shane Dyer and CTO Gary Klinefelter teamed up to solve the problem of wasted water (and money) in traditional sprinkler systems, and they developed insanities.

Whether for businesses or homeowners, Irrigren helps the planet one lawn at a time. Fascinated? You can toss your hat in the ring with a minimum investment of $ 150. If interested, you can attend a live webinar with CEO Shane Dyer on June 17th to learn more about this investment opportunity, and you can read the fine print and see the benefits Crazy Investors have here.

You can invest in insane now – minimum investment of $ 150 See details

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