Isahaya Labor Base / Landscaping Contractor falls from a 2.5-meter retaining wall without taking measures to prevent a fall

The Nagasaki-Isahaya Labor Inspectorate has appointed Tominaga Garden Co., Ltd. (Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture) and its deputy director as Article 21 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (Operator) in connection with the industrial accident in September 2nd year of the regulation.

Documents were sent to the Nagasaki District Procuratorate on suspicion of violations. Suspicion of not taking any measures to prevent falls.

The accident at work occurred on a construction site in Omura City. While an employee of the company had to cut a branch, he crashed into a waterway from a 2.5 meter high retaining wall and was seriously injured.

The company is suspected of neglecting fall prevention measures, such as installing handrails.

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