Johnstown Historical Society seeks volunteers for landscaping project

The Johnstown Historic Parish House and Museum is getting a facelift that promotes environmental sustainability and landscaping with native plants.

According to a press release, the Johnstown Historical Society Board of Directors approved the xeriscape project, which will clean park paths and convert them into rock beds before planting greenery and bushes from the Northern Colorado area, while maintaining historical integrity.

This historical society will be working on the project on May 22nd and is asking for volunteer participation. Work begins at 9 a.m. to clean the park paths, lay landscaping cloths, and create the rock beds. Another working day will take place to plant the green.

A number of residents and companies donated to the project. John Koed developed the Xeriscape plan and materials were donated by local contractors.

“The history of the Johnstown area will forever be complemented by the ongoing efforts of the community and parishioners to preserve their historic sites,” the news release said. “The Historical Society values ​​all donations in kind and recognizes the impact and importance of the community that is making history today by uniting to preserve the past.”

Individuals interested in supporting the project are asked to email or call (970) 587-0278.

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