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  • Shredding of aluminum parts with our single-shaft shredder M400 / 1-400

    March 18, 2021

    Shredding scrap metal is the first step in the recycling cycle, regardless of whether your scrap metal comes from the metal, automotive, electrical, or waste industries. Typical applications are punching waste, beverage cans, profiles, body parts, sheet metal waste and all kinds of aluminum scrap. We always offer you a suitable shredding system for the preparation and further processing of your recyclable materials. Last week we sent another single shaft shredder …

  • An environmentally friendly way of recycling used tires

    2nd December 2019

    Improper disposal of tires can cause a variety of hazards to the natural environment. Not only are stacks of decomposing old tires visually unattractive, but their decomposition can also release various toxins into the surrounding ecosystems. It is really for people’s sake that tires should be disposed of responsibly. The good thing about many modern rubber recycling methods is simply that they can be profitable. Therefore, many investors are curious about the cost of the tire pyrolysis plant. With such a …

  • Tire pyrolysis plants for sale for recycling companies

    November 6, 2019

    If you are planning to start a scrap tire recycling business, you need to invest in a pyrolysis machine and a tire shredder. With a pyrolysis machine it is possible to convert old car tires into heating oil and generate profits for the green energy industry. The truthfulness in numerous countries around the globe means that more and more used tires cause significant problems, especially when they are sent to landfill. Fortunately, more and more people and governments are becoming more aware and engaged …

  • The scrap metal market

    18th October 2019

    All types of metals can be recycled with excellent results, also in terms of energy savings, since the production of pure metal starting from the mineral requires a very energy-intensive production cycle. In addition, the recycling of metals limits CO2 emissions and protects nature reserves. with great savings in disposal too. Metal treatment has always been an important sector for Forrec, which for years has offered individual machines and complete systems for treating different types of metals in different shapes …

  • Last exhibition in 2017

    15th October 2019

    How time flies – our last exhibition of the year starts tomorrow. But we won’t stay in Germany or Europe for that … We’re going to Macau – 9,086.03 km as the crow flies, to Asia! At the WRF 2017 for electronics and car recycling, the focus is of course on the recycling of cars and electronic scrap. A good opportunity for us to have interesting discussions and meet potential and international business partners. A special highlight will be a tour through the new eco-park for recycling and the environment …

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