Landscaping area discussed in Malinta | News

MALINTA – The village council discussed a potential fall landscaping project on Tuesday.

Councilor Deena Arreguin said she noticed that the timbers used in landscaping the village were rotting. She suggested the village use cement blocks to replace it.

Arreguin measured the area at a size of 4.5 by 12 feet and found that approximately 104 small blocks should be able to shape this area. She added that these blocks are usually put up for sale when retailers make fall sales.

It was also determined that the weather would be more suitable for the project and the blocks would settle over the winter months.

No action was taken but the council considered the idea for a later date.

• I learned that an audit of the village was planned. Mayor Curt Badgley said the necessary paperwork was being prepared and scheduled for Wednesday.

• Discussed pruning in an alley.

• Did not oppose Councilor Emilio Medina, who removed a dead tree in front of his residence that was planted in the driveway of the village.

• Discussion of leveling the driveway from State Route 109 at Councilor Jody Bowman’s residence. It has been said that the drop was created during a storm sewer project and should be repaired over time. The council did not oppose pouring stones in this area until permanent repair can be made.

• Did not object to the fire brigade’s July 18th advertisement for the fire brigade on village signage.

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