Landscaping at the library gets underway | Top Stories

Bright and early on Monday morning, our volunteer landscaping coordinator Ron Hanes dug up stones, lawns and even flowering plants to turn the area around our newly expanded library into a beautiful, welcoming and functioning reception for patrons and visitors.

Ron has some wonderful ideas that will not only improve our view of Michigan Avenue and beyond the library, but will also make for an easy project to maintain in the future.

Plans include concrete or rock tables and benches for outdoor seating that are made to measure.

Further details will be provided as decisions are made and required materials are found. Look out for more news about this exciting development project for our library expansion!

The original architect’s estimates did not include landscaping costs, but we are confident that with project donations and material savings, project costs can be met through donations.

All donations are tax deductible. Checks can be paid to the CMPL Foundation and dropped off at the library.

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