Landscaping businesses behind on projects due to rain

Posted: 07/22/2021 / 5:59 PM EDTUpdated: 7/22/2021 / 5:59 PM EDT

WESTVALE, NY (WSYR-TV) – The owner of a local landscaping shop says the rain put him several weeks behind schedule.

Paul Swimm owns Swimm Landscape & Plant Nursery Inc. and says business has been very good. “We have quadrupled since the beginning of COVID and have been super busy, we are already booked for next year.”

Although business is going well, the weather has pushed projects back. “We had a lot more lawn restoration from the rain because if we go into a garden we’re doing a lot more damage with the machines,” said Swimm.

He says this adds 4-6 hours to the work.

“We’re probably 2-3 weeks behind, but I keep in touch with customers all the time, texting, calling and making sure they know we’re coming,” said Swimm.

He asks frustrated customers to be patient. “You are very busy, but when you have a good contractor and he communicates with you, you stay on track.”

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