Landscaping cleared but weeds left to flourish

Entrance MP David Mehan urges the Central Coast Council to stop further clearing of landscaped medians on the main roads in The Entrance’s electorate.

“In another bizarre example of the merger failure, the council has started removing the landscaped vegetation from the roads in the area but leaving the weeds in place,” he said.

“On the weekend of July 3rd and 4th, the council removed all landscaped vegetation from the median on Wyong Rd near Tumbi Umbi, but oddly enough, they left the weeds in the sections that weren’t on the same median,” Mehan said.

“The council created a serious safety hazard as the dense vegetation on the median was also a barrier for pedestrians.

“Now there is no longer a barrier and it is more likely that pedestrians will try to cross the street in many other places.”

Mehan said what used to be a feature of our region is now just an ugly road.

“I’m amazed why the council has the money to clear entire sections of the landscaping but no money to trim the vegetation and spray the weeds.”

Mehan has written to the council requesting clearing stops pending community consultation. Council officials met with Transport for NSW to review locations along Wyong Road where the safety of pedestrians and vehicles was at risk, and it was decided to vacate these locations to ensure safety.

Several locations have been identified, including the central median east of the Cornish Ave roundabout.

“This place was considered dangerous for children crossing the street due to poor visibility,” said a spokesman for the council.

“The middle vegetation also covered the curb, which is a danger to vehicles.

“This work was funded by Transport for NSW and the council took the opportunity to spray the weeds in the areas near the clearing work.

“Transportation under NSW road closure rules requires all work along Wyong Rd to be done at night due to the heavy use of the road, and trimming would require high-frequency maintenance that we are currently unable to do,” the council spokesman said.

Sue Murray

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