Landscaping during this week’s heat advisory

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. – A heat warning is in place through Wednesday and workers at Environmental Design and Landscaping of East Longmeadow are feeling it.

“This is really the first day you work in it, so after three days you really start to feel the effects,” said Tom Baurle, owner of Environmental Design and Landscaping.

It was Monday when they were working blowing under the sun, and handicrafts don’t make being in the heat any easier.

“Its hard. When you can’t breathe properly, you need a break, ”says Mike Daigneault, one of the company’s landscapers.

He said it was so hot to work in the heat that staying hydrated was not enough. So they have to find other ways to stay cool.

“Wrapping a towel around your neck will keep the sweat in and keep you a little cooler,” said Daigneault. “You can also dip this in water to cool yourself off.”

The landscapers know it is important to take it slow as they work as they want to avoid heat-related injuries.

“You have to think about it. In this weather you don’t want to move too fast or too hard or use up your energy too quickly, ”said Baurle.

You have one more job to do and when the temperatures rise it’s important to keep the right mindset.

“I’m just trying not to think about it. Think the opposite, like when it’s winter, when it’s cold, or pretend you’re on the beach,” said Daigneault. “You have to get on your feet because it doesn’t get any easier.”

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