Landscaping industry sees spike during COVID-19

The landscaping industry is booming as many homeowners look for outdoor spaces to relax and socialize.

COCHRANE – Of all the impact COVID-19 has on our lives, one of the most sought-after desires in the face of the pandemic has been the need for accessible outdoor spaces to recreate and socialize.

“Lots of people are looking for terraces, fireplaces. Also this year, which is another year of COVID, people want an area where a few people can hang out and safely distance themselves and socialize, ”said Cooper Leary, Vice President of CLS Landscape Supply in Cochrane. “Our business has doubled in the last year and we are on track to maybe do more than that this year. It’s crazy, the landscaping company is absolutely one of the busiest industries you will find during COVID. “

Leary said he believes people are trying to replace what they found on vacation and travel – beautiful outdoor spaces to relax, eat, and have a glass of wine.

Instead, they bring these rooms to their backyards.

“Your home is an investment and the landscaping is part of that investment,” he said.

About 90 percent of the quotes he’s looked at include patio areas, AstroTurf, or Grade Management, according to Leary, as Cochrane has many neighborhoods on hills.

Artificial turf, he said, is another trend that has been big with homeowners in recent years.

“You literally never have to cut it and it’s green once the snow is gone. It’s just a maintenance game. It has other benefits, but I find most people say, “You know what? I’m sick of making my weed look good,” he said. “We’re making more lawn this year than ever before.”

He said that turf is great in terms of return on investment too, as it has a typical lifespan of around 15 years.

The benefits of landscaping your property, Leary said, usually fit into two main groups. Add value to your property, either financially or through the increased potential to enjoy your space, or manage the functionality of your garden and include mud and loose dirt that can become problematic if you leave it alone.

“It could be that a lot of people like the term and expand their living space. When you buy a home, such as a single family home, you are buying a full lot and many people fail to realize the value of all of the other space that you can use when you are outdoors. ” he said.

CLS Landscape Supply’s customers have also split along the lines of do-it-yourselfers and people who want professionals to carry out the projects.

When you hire professionals, you will attract people who bring best construction practices to their job and get the job done quickly.

“What we can do in a week or two weeks can take a whole summer. Not to mention a lot of our products are very, very heavy, ”Leary said. “It’s hard work and not everyone wants to do this type of work.”

The main season of CLS Landscape takes place between May 1st and October 31st each year, although they also work outside of these times.

To get a quote on a project or to learn more about the service, visit or call 403-239-0600.

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