Landscaping project conducted at mausoleum of Sufi scholar

Tehran – A landscaping project has been completed on the site of the mausoleum of Sufi Shaykh Zayn al-Din Abu Bakr Taybadi (d. 1389 AD), an Iranian mystic and Sufi.

In addition to various restoration and masonry work, the site has also been made more accessible to the physically challenged, a local tourism official said on Wednesday.

Located in Taybad in northeastern Iran, the mausoleum is a free-standing structure that includes a square domed chamber, a flat iwan (portico), and two two-story chambers.

The domed chamber is hidden behind the soaring entrance iwan, which rises to a height twice that of the flanking two-story chambers. The entrance iwan is barrel vaulted without muqarnas. The entire facade is decorated with marble and faience. A band of inscriptions framing the portal consists of carved terracotta segments against a blue tile background and could have been a model for a similar epigraph in the Blue Mosque of Tabriz (1465), as examples of terracotta inscriptions from the 15th century are very rare .

Taybad is close to the border with Afghanistan and there is an official border crossing to Islam Qala in Afghanistan.


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