Landscaping Supply Chain Start-up Launches Its Services in Texas

Landscaping supply chain startup GoMaterials has expanded its procurement service to Texas. The new launch offers a free solution to hundreds of landscapers struggling with plant shortages due to the harmful effects of winter frost.

Launched in 2016, the wholesale plant market is already being used by professional landscapers in Florida, New York, Quebec and Ontario to source millions of dollars in Softscape materials.

Texas landscaping companies can now use the service to wholesale plants, trees, palms, and shrubs from hundreds of verified wholesale nurseries located in Texas, Florida, or the United States and Canada.

GoMaterials was founded by a former landscaper and aims to solve everyday operational challenges such as late deliveries and incorrect specifications. Marc Elliott, CEO of GoMaterials, found the challenges of plant procurement and post-delivery follow-up to be the toughest part of the job. When he left the company, he was determined to create a more efficient, turnkey solution for his colleagues.

“Wrong materials, wrong appointments, last-minute no-shows, and the trouble of finding replacements – it’s all part of the job, but it shouldn’t be,” says Elliott. “GoMaterials makes efficient and problem-free work the norm, not the exception.”

Three key elements have contributed to the company’s success: Procurement from the largest selection of certified tree nurseries, end-to-end procurement from price comparison to quality assurance and personalized service – all at no additional cost to the end user – landscaper.

The introduction of GoMaterials in Texas can be beneficial for landscapers grappling with the unprecedented surge in demand for landscaping due to global sustainability goals, rising construction starts and the aftermath of the freezing in Texas. Also, as fewer young people join the industry, there is a growing need for business services to improve operational efficiency.

And at a time when supplies are the most challenging landscape gardeners face, GoMaterials has seen unprecedented growth. Today, landscape materials in the millions are procured annually via their online marketplace.


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