Landscaping Truck Sideswipes School Bus Picking Up Children In Groveland

Ken MacLeod from WBZ-TV reports.

Video transcript

– – A morning school bus picked up in Groveland became almost dangerous. This after a landscaping truck wiped the side of the bus and almost ran over children waiting to board. As Ken MacLeod of WBZ reports, a father had to get his daughter to safety.

KEN MACLEOD: Doreen Bourdelais had just put her granddaughter on the school bus on Tuesday morning when she spotted a landscaping truck speeding down Salem Street.

DOREEN BOURDELAIS: It’s 8 a.m., are you drinking? I couldn’t find out.

KEN MACLEOD: But it only took seconds for things to get more frightening. This is a video of the bus arriving at the next stop just a few doors away. And that’s the sound of an impact as the landscaping truck wipes the side of the stopped bus, drives onto the sidewalk, and passes the bus on the right.

DOREEN BOURDELAIS: I heard the screeching and he got on the sidewalk, walked around the bus, and just kept walking. And I was horrified.

KEN MACLEOD: What you can’t see is a father pulling his waiting daughter and another boy off the sidewalk and out of the way of the truck before turning back into the street and spinning off. That heroic father told me he didn’t want to talk about it.

STEVEN PETRONE: A father’s quick actions could get the girl out of the way.

KEN MACLEOD: Alyssa Barrera was one of the few children who was already on the bus.

ALYSSA BARRERA: I’ve talked to my friends. It just happened out of nowhere.

KEN MACLEOD: Witnesses and a nearby surveillance video ultimately led police here to SLS Landscape in Raleigh, where they identified the driver who is now facing multiple charges ranging from leaving the scene of the accident to driving with a license. Fortunately, no one was injured or waited for on the bus, but it was frighteningly close.

STEVEN PETRONE: We could look at a completely different situation. We are lucky enough to be able to use this as a cautionary story.

The story goes on

KEN MACLEOD: Police say distracted driving was at least part of the problem, though that doesn’t explain why the driver didn’t stop.

DOREEN BOURDELAIS: I have no idea today’s world.

KEN MACLEOD: Alyssa’s grandma offered to take her to school that day, but the little girl insisted on taking the bus. In Groveling, Ken MacLeod, WBZ News.

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