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Landscaping with native plants

The Hamilton County’s Master Gardeners (MGHC), in partnership with the University of Tennessee Extension, are continuing their free public gardening courses online on Saturday 3rd Saturday via Zoom in 2021. The next class will take place on Saturday April 17th at 10:00 am “Landscaping with native shrubs” presented by Master Gardener Ron McKitrick. The zoom link to access this public class is available on the MGHC website:

Master Gardener Ron McKitrick comments, “Since April is National Native Plant Month, I’ll be discussing what a native plant is, why we should use it in our yards, and how it benefits in many ways. Native plants play a very important role in our ecosystems as they adapt more naturally to local soil and water conditions and are more beneficial for supporting local wildlife. My interest in native plants was re-awakened after building a house in Ooltewah and thinking about how to landscape my property. With wildlife ecology in mind, I wanted to use native plantings to create a habitat that would support a wide range of native wildlife, including birds and pollinators, be it bees, butterflies or other insects, as well as various mammals. My talk will be about the uses of native shrubs in general, as well as in my own garden: should they be planted in sun or shade? Will they survive in rocky clay or do they need humus soil? Are they better for a dry or wet environment? Also how to create beauty and diversity with native plants. My own garden is 85% local and I enjoy watching the many pollinators and birds that visit my plantations. So let’s learn about landscaping with native shrubs! “

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