Landscaping work underway on north roundabout | News

The following is an update from the Ohio Department of Transportation on the construction of a new bridge over the Maumee River near Napoleon. The $ 10.3 million project began on February 13, 2020 and will be completed in June 2022. Vernon Nagel Inc., Napoleon, is the general contractor.

What’s happening now … The crews are currently bringing topsoil to the roundabout on the north side and this week will also start sowing and mulching the entire project on the north side. The landscaping within the roundabouts on the north and south sides is expected to take place in early autumn.

On the bridge itself on the south side, where the bridge and the roadway meet, some concrete work will take place this week. During this week, a small part of the sidewalk will also be poured.

What’s up … Work on the installation and insulation of a water pipe under the bridge continues. Some work under the bridge on drainage structures is also being carried out.

Further concrete work will be carried out over the next two weeks on the bridge parapet, the bridge approaches and the remaining sidewalks.

An inspection of the bridge will take place this week to see what additional work may be required.

The bridge’s opening date has not yet been set, but late August or early September is possible.

Funny fact … The inspection of the bridge next week will be carried out with a Snooper, a special device that was developed to “sniff” under bridges in order to give the inspectors the best possible view of the structure.

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