Landscaping works along new Stonehaven Boardwalk about to begin

Landscaping along the Stonehaven Boardwalk will begin next week.

Before the planting, which will take place later in the year, machines are used for preparatory work.

To ensure the safety of the public and the contractor’s staff, the section of the promenade from the Backies parking lot to the Carron River must be closed for a period of five days.

The promenade will be made accessible to the public again after the work has been completed.

Other improvements will be raised planters and picnic benches.

Future improvements include the addition of raised planters to support two of the small benches and the addition of picnic benches to the new seating areas that are expected to be in place at the beginning of the summer season.

Meanwhile, Stonehaven Men’s Shed worked with the local council to build a wooden picnic table and benches that will also be set up along the boardwalk to provide additional seating for people who want to sit and enjoy the scenic views.

It is also well advanced to set up new pointer signs along the coast from the swimming pool to the harbor, as well as new information and interpretation boards along this route.

Here you’ll find background information on the city’s many attractions and the natural seal life of the rivers and coast, as well as historical facts about the rich heritage that Stonehaven is famous for.

The replacement of the promenade was made possible by a grant of £ 265,000 from the Aberdeenshire Town Center Fund, with funding from the Scottish Government’s Town Center Fund 2019/2021. Additional funding has also been provided from the Coastal Communities Fund (£ 30,000) and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) (£ 45,000) to further the coastline by providing the new seating areas, pointer signage and information and interpretation boards to improve.

The joint initiative was led by the Stonehaven Town Center Improvement Group – the Stonehaven & District Community Council, the Stonehaven Town Partnership, the Stonehaven Business Association, the Stonehaven Tourism Group, Horizon, the Stonehaven Men’s Shed and the Aberdeenshire Council.

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