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The new deck owner may want to show off the new project or have to wait to use wood preservative, stain, or paint.

But landscaping the deck is likely something to consider if you haven’t already.

From planters to large decorative pots to hanging baskets, there are several ways to add green to the deck area. From a dirt-filled shoe to tendrils on the rails, I’ve seen some creative deck landscaping.

How do you start or where do you start?

Look at the furniture and how it looks and works. Then consider the colors of the house and trim when choosing flower or plant colors, and you don’t want your patio plantings to clash negatively with your other landscaping in the garden.

If your garden is more formal, with clean, repeating shrubs, then go for some brightly colored and organized cover plants. For the country house or cottage garden, the continuation of this type of landscaping on the patio or terrace makes sense.

Use free colors, or use dramatic colors facing each other on a color wheel. Choosing large pots and vases that fit the house can meet that need and give you more variability in planting that doesn’t necessarily go together.

One tall, dramatic plant and just a few smaller ones can be all you need. Or maybe you are the person who wants plants on the floor hanging from posts, growing on the rails, and cascading from furniture.

So which plants to choose?

Sometimes tropical vines or fruit can be brought into the house for the winter and create beautiful patio plants in the summer. A very large pot or urn can be planted with lots of brightly colored annuals – which you can easily swap out if one or more looks shabby.

Buying plants for the deck?

Try putting together a flower arrangement on a flat shopping cart or on the floor to get an idea of ​​what they will look like together when you bring them home. Don’t let a nursery salesman convince you to buy lots of specialty plants; A specific plant and a number of smaller and cheaper plants will give you more bang for the buck when you spend your landscaping dollars.

From “furnishing” the deck to blocking off an unwanted view to creating privacy, a few planters filled with trees, shrubs, or annuals can appeal to an otherwise bare and boring deck in a variety of ways, both in appearance and in the Greatly improve the function of the deck even cover.

A landscaped patio can add a little more paradise look to your space.

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