Learn how to protect property with fire-resistant landscaping | Peninsula Newspaper – News

The West Basin Municipal Water District is running an online landscaping course to help protect homes from forest fires.

The session will focus on an approach known as “firescaping” and demonstrate landscape techniques, plant selection and smart irrigation tailored to the dry, windy conditions of the Palos Verdes peninsula.

The class will take place on Wednesday April 21st from 6pm with the moderator Douglas Kent, an author and expert on fire safety.

The information helps local residents and business owners protect buildings, save water, and save money on water bills. To register or to learn more, visit westbasin.org/firescaping.

Every interested resident is cordially invited to take part in this event. However, it is aimed at the District West service area of ​​the West Basin, which includes the peninsula.

“The Palos Verdes peninsula is known for its open gorges, lush nature reserves, hills and coastal cliffs. This beautiful natural landscape makes the area prone to wildfires, ”Harold C. Williams, chairman of the West Basin board and director of Division I, said in a press release. “It is important that we recognize these risks and provide resources to our service communities to help protect their homes and businesses.”

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