Letter: Kudos to Aceves, parks staff, landscaping team – Salisbury Post

As taxpayers, we often expect government employees to get their jobs done with little fanfare. We are sometimes too quick to speak up when things fall through the cracks. Occasionally, however, it is appropriate to recognize work that is part of professional responsibility but is still outstanding.

Kudos to Nick Aceves, City Parks and Recreation Director, staff and landscaping team for their work in and around the city park.

The city park had long been neglected with only play equipment replaced / repaired as needed, notwithstanding the Salisbury Rotary Club paid for veterans memorial. With funding approved by the city council, Aceves and his team have now made largely aesthetically pleasing upgrades and improvements to City Lake. And what a huge visual difference they made by clearing trees and undergrowth along Lake Drive! One can only hope that this clearing will continue by moving the underbrush behind Rec Center to N. Jackson Street.

Mr Aceves inherited a declining parking system when he came here from Lenoir but has accomplished a great deal in a short period of time. We hope the city council will provide funding to keep its progress going!

– BD Robinson


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