Local 12-year-old runs his own landscaping business

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – About two years ago, 12 year old Ryder Villareal turned to his parents to start his own landscaping business.

“He said one day he’ll do it, I said ‘Okay.’ It’s one of those things where you say, ‘I know you’re going to change your mind in a few months,’ so we didn’t push it, ”said Ryder’s mother, Christina Villareal.

But Ryder was serious. He saved his money and bought his first equipment. Ryder’s uncle gave him a push mower, his parents bought him a ride-on mower and trailer, and he got free equipment from Worx after writing to the company that he liked their equipment.

Ryder started mowing lawns for family and friends, but on his 12th birthday he registered his business, Knight Mowers, in Nueces County.

“Most of the time I was just practicing, and now it’s just pure business,” Ryder said of his start into his business.

Ryder doesn’t just mow lawn to buy something, he does it because he’s passionate about mowing lawns and being an entrepreneur. He said he was inspired by his family members to start the company since his parents are both self-employed.

“My family, they’re all great and they have businesses and I just wanted to be a part of it,” said Ryder.

His family continues to help him; His mother, father, brother and uncle help him mow the lawn.

Ryder came up with the name himself.

“My name Ryder means knight, like a knight in shining armor, and I wanted to mow the lawn, so mower,” he said.

He came up with the slogan “Treat your lawn like a king”.

Ryder’s mother said she was proud of her son for targeting and pursuing a target.

“He works really hard,” said Christina. “He doesn’t like a lot of things, but when he does, he works really hard. He loves mowing the grass and he will look and say, ‘No, we have to fix this or we have to do whatever. It is good that he is following what he wanted to do. Even if it’s maybe a year or two or whatever and he changes his mind, he’s invested in it. “

She also said the timing was perfect for Ryder to start his business; working outside after spending a lot indoors last year.

“Last year they were at home and he wasn’t outside, he likes the air conditioning and of course playing. So, I’m glad he’s getting out of there, “said Christina.

Ryder doesn’t usually work during the heat of the day, but the summers in South Texas offer hot work days no matter what time he works. Ryder takes breaks to drink water and cool off in the shade if necessary, but he always gets his job done.

“My family, once we start we don’t give up,” he said.

Ryder can be booked through the Knight Mowers Facebook page, by emailing knightmowers@gmail.com, or by calling 361-434-4016.

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