Local church works to help those in need with their landscaping and repairs

COLUMBUS, miss. (WCBI) – A Columbus Church spreads the good word and good deeds throughout the city.

150 volunteers from Fairview Baptist Church take on 26 projects.

The initiative of the church is called “We Love Columbus”.

From small repairs for the needy to landscaping, volunteers take care of everything.

“Every year we try to do a project for the church, just for one day, and we found it very helpful after a storm and things like that. We wanted to do something when it wasn’t a storm. When things were normal and to help our people and get to know the community we live in. So this year, on the recommendation of the pastor, we decided that we wanted to do something over a period of three or four days, ”said Tommy Gillon, Fairview Baptist Church.

“The ultimate goal is for people to understand that God loves them and has a plan for their lives. That’s what people are supposed to see this week as we are out to be the hands and feet of Christ. We love Columbus because God loves Columbus, ”said Breck Ladd, Senior Pastor Fairview Baptist Church.

Work on the projects will continue until Saturday.

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