Local developer lays out landscaping idea for downtown median

TEXARKANA, Texas – Local developer David Peavy presented his landscaping plans for the triangular median between Pine Street and North State Line Avenues to the Historic District Commission of Texarkana, Arkansas Thursday morning, calling the opportunity a visual enhancement for the citizens of Texarkana and tourists visiting the federal court and post office.

The median lane between Pine Street and North State Line Avenues will be shown on Thursday in downtown Texarkana, Texas. Local developer David Peavy on Thursday presented a plan to the Texarkana, Arkansas Historic District Commission to improve the site with landscaping and a fountain.

Peavy’s idea is to expand the triangular central strip in front of the Museum of Regional History. Features include rethinking the placement of some trees in a lounge area and adding the Hermon Lee Ensign Animal Fountain, which is currently between Ninth Street and the State Line towards the end of the median. The original brick layer of the surrounding street would be exposed.

“Right now the main attraction in Texarkana is to have your picture taken at the post office. We’re trying to do a little more for them on State Line Avenue, ”Peavy said. “This is just a starting point and we want to get the entities behind us.”

This digital rendering by developer David Peavy shows a preliminary concept of what improvements to the median between Pine Street and North State Line Avenue in downtown Texarkana might look like. Peavy is seeking concept approval from local organizations including the Texarkana Museums System and the Texarkana, Arkansas, Historic District Commission before applying for funding for the project.

Buildings surrounding the median include the museum, the Landmark Building, and the former Texarkana National Bank building that Peavy owns and is currently renovating. Peavy said he spoke with those involved in these companies about the potential visual enhancement project.

Texarkana Museums System Board President Velvet Cool said this idea was not presented to the TMS board, but she did speak to Peavy about it. She said she supported the plan but had her concerns, including the fact that the museum system already has a grant to redesign her courtyard that would have to be overhauled if that idea were to materialize.

“I want to work with David if the board so decides, but from a museum perspective we have a lot of questions about it,” said Cool. “I think it’s a really good plan right now with a lot of unknowns.”

Peavy said he believed the project could be beneficial to the museum and surrounding businesses.

“I think if we do this the right way, if we can stop these people down there from taking your picture (at the post office) and just taking off and getting back on the interstate, it will go a long way for the museum.” he said.

Peavy said he would like to get approval for the draft before talking about funding the project.

“I’d like to put the plans down and then we can find the money,” he said. “I’m not afraid to beg.”

Mike Malone, CEO of the Texarkana USA Chamber of Commerce, said he felt the Historic District Commission and Chamber should continue promoting the process for now before making final decisions.

It is expected that Peavy will introduce this idea to other organizations in the future.

“I ask you to support the idea of ​​the project and then we can work out the details, make a list of pros and cons and see what we need to do to overcome them,” Peavy told the commission. “I think we have a secret here that this is one of the most unique cities around, and it is time to find out.”

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